The Story

DAIMYO – A Musical Revolution is a musical set in ancient Japan. Conceived by composer Leo Floyd and lyricist-dramatist Michael Car, DAIMYO tells the story of a hapless fisherman in his quest to fit a mythical daimyo’s footsteps and bring order to the province.

Who Does „Daimyo“ Mean?

In feudal Japan, a daimyo was part of the Samurai caste, the Japanese noble-men. As rulers of Japan’s provinces, the daimyos where at a certain time almost as powerful as the emperor himself. In our play, the name of the fictitious Yamana province’s ruling daimyo is Akimoto.

The Message

DAIMYO – A Musical Revolution invites you to a journey into a magical world where under harsh conditions good nature and humanity prevails. The fisherman learns on important truth on his adventure: You can achieve anything your heart desires if only you believe in it hard enough … and are never giving up.

No matter when or where on the planet, people always had the same basic needs. And eventually always find a good way to endure the hardship of life.

The Mission

First and foremost, DAIMYO wants to inspire. Floyd & Car present the audience with two and a half hours of thrilling storytelling and musical joy. In addition, they want to spark the audience’s curiosity about Japanese history and eradicate clichés.

artwork by reya