Creative Team

Leo Floyd

Born in Vienna, Austria in 1994, Leo started to play the piano at the age of 15. After a few weeks he started to compose his first musical theater songs. Six months later he wrote music and lyrics for his first musical, which was performed at his school.
In the last ten years Leo gained experience in various artistic fields. He shot music videos for pop music and hip hop artists. He produced and directed three short movies. 
After working on various projects from synth pop to hip hop, from film music to video game soundtracks, from ska to french chanson, Leo realised that musical theater is what he should focus on.
He is very time-efficient, communicates freely and is solution-oriented. He strongly believes that anything one imagines can become reality.

Michael Car

When other children played soccer and watched TV, Michael always had his nose in a book. His mind was always meandering in the various realms of fantasy, history and scientific endeavors. The goal was set for his professional life: storyteller. And what genre better merges the essence of all the arts? It was within musical theater that Michael found his passion. Apart from conceiving contrived lyrics, Michael is a prolific graphic designer and a certified comic book artist. Outside his creative endeavors, Michael and his wife love to explore the world.