Second Single Released: Mondprinzessin

Musical star Lisa Antoni (Rudolf, Rebecca, Mary Poppins Returns) interprets the tragic and beautiful tale of Kaguya-hime, the moon princess. Within the story of Daimyo, this song is sung by Okuni. In a time of crisis Okuni draws strength through this ancient tale, a tale once told by her grandmother. Okuni identifies with the moon princess, feeling displaced by society and longing for a better world.

First Single: Loved Again

Enjoy the song of Akimoto’s antagonist Amaya, performed by singer Kamilla Adamik. In the course of this song, Amaya decides to fight back a male dominated world and take power on her own.

Bonus Song: Fire in the House

Self-taught fighters Setsuko and her brother Hanz┼Ź introduce themselves.